Wolgang Amadeus Mozart ” The Magic of Serenity ” with Martha Harreiter, soprano

Why is Mozarts music so healing, deep, positive and healthy, where does it come from, why did Tjaikovskij call him the musical Messiah? We will perform songs and piano pieces together with letters and other texts from and about the genius Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

Mozart’s Lieder are a box of jewels full of philosophical miniatures. They open up a cosmos of emotions and truths of life. His songs are like a bud that comes into full bloom in the Age of Romanticism. Not only does Lied in the Viennese Classic pave the way for the great “Kunstlied” of the Romantic period. The famous Lieder of the Romantic period offer broad room for all kinds of emotions. Even suffering and pain, including the wish to die, are experienced as “positive” emotions that need to be savoured. Mozart’s Lieder, on the other hand, are always healing, uplifting and enlightening, despite their seriousness. Mozart’s Lieder are by no means superficial entertainment. He puts sadness and joy, greatest longing, love and sorrow into a universal musical language and yet always shows with serenity that everything on earth has its good reason.

The topics of Mozart’s Lieder are universal and timeless. Also in today’s society they have not lost any of their deep meaning. With humor and skillfulness, Mozart deals with big, serious issues of life and asks those timeless questions to which we still look for true answers. Love and sacrifice, passion, success, happiness and fate are topics which shape us on our path of life and constitute meaningful experiences that let us grow and mature.

Mozart’s Lieder also offer the opportunity to discover him as an artist in a new light. In his short life, he himself suffered severe strokes of fate. His life as a “genius” was by far not always glamorous or even easy. How Mozart faces the adversities of life is unique and empowering. With this program we want to discover the magic of Mozart’s serenity through selected Lieder, solo piano pieces and excerpts from the letters which he wrote to family and friends throughout his life.


Versatile, with a shimmering warm voice and compelling stage presence Austrian Soprano Martha Harreiter instantly captivates her listeners. From angelic spheres to melancholic dreams Martha Harreiter exudes beauty, light and excitement from the very first note.
Specialized in Lied repertoire, the colourful soprano is Fellow of the Heidelberg Lied Academy with Thomas Hampson and holds scholarships of the Int. Summer Academy Mozarteum with Wolfgang Holzmair and the Music Academy Tyrol with Stephan Lademann.

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